Address: Atlas Palace Cafe, 1413 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1N2

Atlas Palace Cafe is a more laid-back type of shisha cafe. It is located just by Danforth ave and Monarch Park Ave (near Greenwood station). There were a bunch of awesome shisha cafes along the Danforth from Donlands station to Coxwell station. However, due to the ban on shisha a lot of the places had to close down. Some of the ones that remain open are: Atlas, Tangiers and Hot Pot and a few others. Hot Pot cafe is really good for its double apple flavoured shisha. 

Atlas in our opinion is the best out of the other cafes located in that area. There has been and change of management and so far, so good. This cafe consists of an upstairs seating as well as downstairs. It doesn’t have any booths and is more of an open area with tables and chairs and a special rocking chair that is in the basement. The basement was actually really cold when we went compared to upstairs, but that’s okay.

Speaking of shisha flavours! Atlas has all the basic al-fakher flavours that costs $18, tax included. We got a blueberry flavour, as well as orange mint and grape mint. Blueberry was my favourite and was really sweet too. Also, nothing is better than tea with shisha. So, we got a large pot of milk tea for about $8 (serves around 5-7 people in small Turkish cups). The milk tea was really good just like a great cup of Pakistani/Indian chai. You can get other traditional teas as well like mint tea.

That sums up our experience, make sure to check out Atlas if you’re in the area. Thanks for reading! Click here to see our YouTube video.

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