My First-Time Experience driving a Tesla Model X

I was really excited to make a vlog, when I was driving a Tesla and share a whole different experience with you guys. Although, I was told that we were not allowed to make videos, only permitted to take photos. So, here it goes!

The Model X was the first Tesla car I have drove and man was this a dream come true! For the very few people that don’t know, Tesla is an American automotive manufacturer of electric vehicles. Their current models out are the Roadster, Model S, Model X and Model 3. Hopefully, I will be able to test drive most of them and let you guys know how it is!

The Model X is Tesla’s electric SUV, and can seat up to 7 people depending on the version. The version I drove at the Tesla at Yorkdale Mall was 100D (aka the long range version), all-wheel drive with 6 seats, enhanced autopilot and full self-driving capability, which puts the price at around $135,000 CAD. That’s a whole lot of zeros, surely my bank account can’t match that. Also, the incentive given by the Ontario government for purchasing electric vehicles is not eligible anymore. Sad life indeed.

I have to say its kinda scary at first when you think of driving a car that’s worth more than $100,000. You think of all the negatives, but leave that aside and relax and enjoy. The salespeople at the Tesla at Yorkdale Mall are super friendly and they make your test driving experience exceptional.

Falcon-wing Back Doors

What really stood out to me for the Model X was its falcon-wing doors, basically the two doors in the back open upwards. This feature is pretty epic and reminds me of those high-end sports cars. Also, the key for the Tesla is awesome! It’s the shape of the car and if you press the side buttons it will open the falcon-wing doors for you.

Back Seat Door Buttons
Dual moonroof on both sides

From the moment you sit inside the Model X, you feel very comfortable as there is a lot of room. The windshield is vertically extended giving you are more panoramic view like a helicopter windshield. It have a massive tablet which gives you the ability to use GPS, browse on the internet, play music, adjust heating and much much more. In terms of browsing the internet, you get free LTE data service for one year with your Tesla, after it’s $100 CAD annually. Forget those highly prices data plans for your phone.

Helicopter Style Windshield

To turn on the Tesla, your key acts as a fob and you can keep it in your pockets. Then all you do it tap the break and your car is on. It’s like powering on your phone, no noise. Driving a Tesla, is a little different than the regular combustion engine vehicle since it’s electric and has something called regenerative braking. Which in simple is every time the car slows down it recharges the battery, pretty cool right? The first thing, you’ll notice is that the car is super smooth like its on ice, even on the turns! When you want to slow down, all you do is slowly take your foot off the acceleration and the car slows down for you. You only really need to touch the break when you want to come to a complete stop.

Also, in terms of storage any Tesla model will have two trunks. This is because there is no gas engine in the front. The battery packs are underneath the car near the wheels. Teslas are also quite heavy, but this comes to an advantage since it has a lower centre of gravity enabling you to make those smooth corner turns. The Model X doesn’t feel heavy at all and takes off like a beast. From 0 to 100 real freaking quick (3-5 seconds)! Listen to this song when driving one.

Another plus of owning a Tesla is that you won’t be making gas station stops unless its for smokes or snacks and no more oil changes, hoorray! That being said, a Tesla salesperson was telling me it only makes sense for someone who owns a house, or apartment/condo with a place to charge your vehicle, to own a Tesla. This makes sense since some older buildings like the one I live in, doesn’t have an area where you can plug in your car overnight. This would mean every time you car battery is low you would need to go to a supercharging station, which would not be practical.

Tesla’s supercharging stations are spread throughout North America, Europe, Asia and more. They are not free anymore, but way less than the cost of gas. Let’s say you want to do a road trip from Toronto to Montreal. The built-in GPS in the car will break down your trip into a few pit stops, these pit stops will be at various supercharging stations. Let’s say your battery is 100% in Toronto, your Tesla will notify you when the battery will get to 30% or less and tell you where to charge up. It can take up to 20 minutes to charge 50% of your battery, now that’s super fast.

Tech Tech Tech… Tesla is the future, in my opinion that is. The Model X was loaded with high-tech features. It had emergency braking, a rear view camera, bird’s-eye view of your car and other vehicles, 360 degrees sensors, enhanced autopilot (on select versions) and more. The 360 degrees sensors warned of obstacles that you could hit, the closer you got to an obstacle it would beep faster and have like a heatwave displaying near the speedometer that would change colours from yellow to red. And lastly, was the coolest feature of all, the autopilot. I was truly amazed by this, it’s like the car has a life of its own, like a robot. All you have to do is pull this knob 3 times towards you and the car takes over. You don’t have to accelerate or brake or even help steer. The car does everything on its own and follows the route. If you want to change lanes, you simply hold down the signal indicator and the autopilot will change lanes. It is advised to keep your hands on the steering wheel and is best on highways. To turn off autopilot you tap the break and you’re good to go.

The moment you use autopilot, hands-free

The amazing thing I found out recently was that Tesla allows basically anyone with a valid driver license and ages 21 and up to test drive any of their vehicles. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford it and who knows, maybe in the future you can. So don’t wait around book your test drive soon and let us know how you like it! Link to schedule a test drive in Canada –>

Thanks for reading! Let us know how your first time driving a Tesla was like in the comments section. Be sure to like, subscribe and share.

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