Tesla Model S vs. Model X

The Tesla Model X and Model S have most of the same awesome features and technology in them. The difference is what your price range is and what car is better for you, whether you want a sports car or an SUV with more seating. For a more detailed breakdown of what it is like to drive a Tesla, check out our blog post on First-Time Driving a Tesla: Model X.  

The Tesla Model S is the most attractive in terms of design than the other Tesla models. It looks like a very sleek futuristic sports car. The trim level we drove was the 100D, same as the Model X we drove earlier. For the 2019 models, there is no more 100D or such. It is now called standard range, long range, and ludicrous performance.

I gotta say I really miss those falcon-wing doors on the Model X. Those were my favourite. Also, there is more room in the Model X compared to the Model S. This makes sense since you’re comparing an SUV to a mid-size sedan. Although, the Model S is still quite spacious for a sedan and still has two trunks! The tablet for GPS navigation and more is a bit smaller for the Model S.

In terms of pricing, if you purchase the base version for the Model S with enhanced autopilot and full self-driving capability, compared to the Model X, you save $19,100 CAD. The price of the Model X (SUV) is $135,000 CAD, whereas the Model S is $115,900 CAD. If you get a 5-seater for the Model X instead of 6 seats, you can save $7800 and the difference between the two cars would be around 11 grand. Now, thatโ€™s some mathematics.

If we look at the top speed and range for both models, weโ€™ll see that the Model X is superior. Also, take note that we are only comparing the base version, for the other versions the Model S outperforms the Model X in these categories. The Model X has a range of 475km for full charge, top speed of 225km/h and goes 0-100 in approx. 4.9 seconds. Whereas, the Model S has a range of 435km, top speed same as Model X, and goes 0-100 in approx. 4.4 seconds.  

For a more detailed comparison, check out the references below.

What do you mean you haven’t test drove a Tesla yet?!! Check it out! Link to test drive —> https://www.tesla.com/en_CA/drive




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