Tesla Model S vs. Model X

The Tesla Model X and Model S have most of the same awesome features and technology in them. The difference is what your price range is and what car is better for you, whether you want a sports car or an SUV with more seating. For a more detailed breakdown of what it is like to drive a Tesla, check out our blog post on First-Time Driving a Tesla: Model X.  

The Tesla Model S is the most attractive in terms of design than the other Tesla models. It looks like a very sleek futuristic sports car. The trim level we drove was the 100D, same as the Model X we drove earlier. For the 2019 models, there is no more 100D or such. It is now called standard range, long range, and ludicrous performance.

I gotta say I really miss those falcon-wing doors on the Model X. Those were my favourite. Also, there is more room in the Model X compared to the Model S. This makes sense since you’re comparing an SUV to a mid-size sedan. Although, the Model S is still quite spacious for a sedan and still has two trunks! The tablet for GPS navigation and more is a bit smaller for the Model S.

In terms of pricing, if you purchase the base version for the Model S with enhanced autopilot and full self-driving capability, compared to the Model X, you save $19,100 CAD. The price of the Model X (SUV) is $135,000 CAD, whereas the Model S is $115,900 CAD. If you get a 5-seater for the Model X instead of 6 seats, you can save $7800 and the difference between the two cars would be around 11 grand. Now, that’s some mathematics.

If we look at the top speed and range for both models, we’ll see that the Model X is superior. Also, take note that we are only comparing the base version, for the other versions the Model S outperforms the Model X in these categories. The Model X has a range of 475km for full charge, top speed of 225km/h and goes 0-100 in approx. 4.9 seconds. Whereas, the Model S has a range of 435km, top speed same as Model X, and goes 0-100 in approx. 4.4 seconds.  

For a more detailed comparison, check out the references below.

What do you mean you haven’t test drove a Tesla yet?!! Check it out! Link to test drive —> https://www.tesla.com/en_CA/drive




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