First Time at Comic-Con in Toronto


Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto

Dates: March 15 -17, 2019

This year was our first time checking out Comic-Con in Toronto. I have to say it was pretty fun and a new experience. It will be really fun for you guys if you love comic books, super heroes, anime and more. It would be super fun for kids too, so parents should definitely take their children there!

Comic-Con is a three-day event and we decided to go on a Friday! It was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC), near Union Station. They hold a bunch of cool events at the MTCC, from Vape Expos to Business events. Even Ryerson University had us do our exams there in our first year! :o.

In terms of pricing, we thought it was a great deal and not expensive at all. The price for one general admission ticket was around $25 CAD, whereas the weekend was $5 more.

Going on a Friday was not as busy as it would be on the weekend. Also, the majority of celebrities were to come in on Saturday. We had a fun time nonetheless and attended the after-party on Saturday night. It was at a small bar/club and they had a ping pong table and played some nice music. Although, not many people showed up as it was the day before Saint Patrick’s Day and the crowds were probably at other famous bars/clubs.

Comic-Con is packed with stalls that have every kind of item that you can imagine, from phones cases to board games all based on your favourite comic books, TV shows, movies and video games. My personal favourites were these paintings based on Halo and Assassin’s Creed. Also, one stall had these mystery boxes that had a particular theme. The themes we picked for these mystery boxes were Avengers and Game of Thrones :D. We paid $60 each for them and they had a bunch of cool items in them that we only found out when we opened them. It had that surprise feeling to it, not knowing what could be inside your box. I got this Avengers themed pillow and lunch box and gave it to my niece. She loved it! If you are interested, check out our unboxing video —–>

Game of Thrones Mystery Box
Assassin’s Creed

Wear your favourite cosplay and attend Comic-Con next year and enjoy! Check out our vlog —-> . Don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment, share and tell us about your experience at Comic-Con! Thanks for reading!  

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