Efes Kebab House – Super Delicious Halal (حلال) Turkish 🇹🇷 Restaurant in Toronto

Address: 940 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1L9

Efes Kebab House is a newly opened Halal Turkish restaurant. It is located by Danforth Ave. and Donlands Ave., in Toronto. Efes is by far the best Turkish restaurant I have been to! You must check out this place and let us know what you think. I heard blogto called it a Greek restaurant but that’s not true at all, similar yet different. :p

In terms of seating, there are various types as Efes is a big space. There are several booths with TVs, seats with tables for small and large groups, outdoor seating for the summer and even bar table seating, right next to the grill. Perfect for those that want to see the action!

The service is exceptional and the owner and staff are very friendly and caring. The owner even gave us dessert and an appetizer on the house.

Before we get into more detail… There is a funny story I must share with you guys, regarding my first time at Efes Kebab House. The first time, I went to Efes was with my mom and sister. I had a haircut appointment nearby so my family were at the restaurant and ordered food. When I got to the restaurant. My sister wanted me to try this beef soup that they ordered. Without hesitation, I tried it and the soup turned out to be very delicious. However, later on my sister told me that it was cow tongue soup :o. Moral of the story, don’t trust people. Lol Jokes!!!

Let’s get to the meals! The main course range from kebabs to pides (Turkish pizzas) to lamb chops and more. The ones we got were the Efes special and combo for 2. The Efes special was a combination of Adana kebab, and chicken and beef shish all cooked on charcoals. Whereas, the combo for 2 had the same items as the Efes special, plus: lamb chops, meatballs, and chicken and beef doner (similar to shawarmas). Perfect for the meat lovers. All the main entrees were served with rice, salad, grilled peppers and onions and thin pita beard, all served on a wooden plate.

Expert right here
Appetizer consisted of beans and variety of sauces from baba ganoush to a cucumber sauce
Efes Special
Combo for 2

The desserts at Efes were my favourite! The Baklava is hands down the best made in all of Toronto. The rice pudding (Sutlac) and the Kunefe are really good too. These are great especially for those that have a sweet tooth (me!). For those that don’t know what Kunefe or Kanafeh is, it is a traditional Levantine (Eastern Mediterranean) dessert. The top consists of a crunchy noodle-like pasta (fried vermicelli or seviyan in Urdu/Hindi that Pakistanis and South Asians love to eat), the middle has cheese and the bottom is soft. It’s pretty awesome, I think you’ll love it, if you don’t already. Both the Baklava and rice pudding are sprinkled with pistachios and the sweetener tastes like honey.  

Rice Pudding

After you have finished your wonderful meal and dessert, try out the Turkish tea or coffee. Those are the best for a full stomach. One Turkish tea is free per person, although you can always buy more :D. Efes Kebab House is also a great time to visit in Ramadan (the holy fasting month for Muslims) as they have Iftar (when you break your fast) specials that are for dine-in only. 

Classical Turkish Tea, the end of meals

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