Magical Taste of China – Great Uyghur Halal Cuisine in Toronto

Location: 405 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G6

The Magical Taste of China is a modern restaurant in Chinatown that serves Uyghur Halal cuisine. Uyghur cuisine comes from Xinjiang in Northwest China. The people there are Turkish Chinese and mostly Muslim. Kebabs and roasted mutton and fish are signature dishes for Uyghur cuisine. It was pretty awesome that we had the opportunity to go to a restaurant like this in Toronto as there are not many that offer this type of cuisine.

The food at Magical Taste of China can be compared to Hakka food. Which is Indian cuisine mixed with Chinese cuisine. Although, this restaurant was more authentically Chinese. I guess this was due to its location, since it was in Chinatown and the environment of the place. It didn’t feel like you were in Toronto :o.

I really liked the decorations of the restaurant of how it was designed. It had a modern look to it and the decorations gave it a cultural feel.

From the dishes we ordered, we have the say the sweet pineapple chicken was the best! The sweet juicy pineapples went well with the chicken and I’m not one for sweet main courses.

Sweet Pineapple Chicken

The spicy chicken was nice and was loaded with spices hence its name. After we finished eating the chicken and some of the spices, the plate was still full of spices from jalapeños to red chillies.

Spicy Chicken

The lamb and onion dumplings were pretty mild and not our favourite as well as the lamp hot pot.

Lamb Dumplings

The hot pot looked pretty cool though, it had a burner at the bottom of the pot so our food was still cooking when served and stopped automatically after a couple of minutes. We had green tea served in the beginning before our meal and was on the house.  

Lamb Hot Pot
Beef Dish

There is another Uyghur cuisine restaurant that is located in Scarborough that we will check out! Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!

Words and pictures only tell you half the story, whereas videos show the unseen, that’s why we created a vlog! The video is below! Be sure to like, share, comment and subscribe as always.

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