Wilbur Mexicana – Mexican Street Food in Toronto

Location: 552 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M3


Wilbur Mexicana is a restaurant that is inspired by Mexican Street Food. It is located in the downtown area on King Street West and Portland Street.

The restaurant itself looks pretty cool, with large glass windows and a neon bright yellow sign reading “Wilbur Mexicana”. Although, I wonder where the name Wilbur comes from, because it doesn’t sound quite Mexican.

Wilbur Mexicana is rated 4.6 out of 5 on Google reviews by around 2300 people. For this reason, we had to check out the restaurant to see for ourselves. To make sure the restaurant passed Mexican standards, we brought our friend Alejandro to test the place. 

We went to Wilbur Mexicana on a Friday night, one hour before it was about to close. The restaurant was super packed and there was even a line to enter the place. This got us hyped and we couldn’t wait to try the food. Omer and I (Zaroon) ordered the fish tacos, two each as the portions were small, a shrimp quesadilla and Alejandro ordered the pork taco. We decided to get the food to-go as there was no room to sit. Just a reminder, Fridays and Saturdays in the evenings can be extremely busy.

Shrimp Quesadilla

The tacos came with crispy tortillas on the side and our total came up to $70 CAD for the three of us. While the food to us seemed good, Alejandro was not too pleased. He rated it average. This makes us ponder why the Google rating were so high. Maybe the overall environment for eating at the restaurant is great or some dishes that we didn’t try, are amazing.

Fish Tacos with Tortillas

The two coolest things of the restaurant were: its street corn and its many hot sauces. There were various types of hot sauces, probably around 50. The higher the row, the spicier the hot sauce.

Huge Collection of Hot Sauces 🔥🌶️

And boy were some of them HOT!

Secondly, the street corn was really tasty, just like how they make it back home in Pakistan. I didn’t know Mexicans did the same. It had chilli powder on top with other spices, sprinkled with lime for the finishing touch. Too awesome!

Street Corn 😀

I remember when I was in Burlington, Ontario in the summer, I ordered these fish tacos from this small food truck. Those tacos were amazing and the view near the water as well. I was hoping the tacos would be as great at Wilbur Mexicana too. This shows you that even though if a restaurant is well-known and popular and has high reviews on Google that it won’t necessarily have amazing food. Sometimes the small, local and unknown stores are the best ones.

For our next vlog, we will be eating Halal lamb tacos for Alejandro’s birthday! His mom will be making the tacos for us and we will let you know how it is. Stay tuned!

Let us know if you have ever been to Wilbur Mexicana and tell us your experience or if you have a favourite Mexican restaurant that we should visit. As always like, share, comment and subscribe and check out our vlog below. Or not 😦

Thanks or should I say muchas gracias! :p

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