Alejandro’s 26th Birthday – Amazing Mexican Food & Hospitality

For this blog/vlog we couldn’t just to go a restaurant for Alejandro’s 26th Birthday. Although, that was the plan before, Alejandro’s parents invited us to their house for some real Mexican cuisine. Now, that beats any restaurant for sure. The quality and delicious taste of home cooked food is like nothing else.

Alejandro’s family showed us real Mexican hostility. They were too kind and went out of their way to even get us Halal lamb even though they are not Muslims. This is what makes Toronto so great, it’s the fact that it is so diverse, there are people from different cultures and religions living together in peace and harmony. Also, in my understanding you see that different cultures also have their similarities. Like Mexican and Pakistani culture. Both love eating together in large groups, inviting guests, they love spices, and even use coriander :o.

In terms of the food that was served. Alejandro’s mom made lamb soup and shredded lamb pieces just like a shawarma for some authentic tacos. The tortillas that were used to make the taco shells were covered by a cloth so that it would stay moist and not dry up. This is very similar to what my mom does when she makes rotis. Cool stuff indeed.

Lamb Soup
Lamb pieces

For our tacos and soup were also served diced onions, coriander, limes and two types of salsas. One was green and the other red, both spicy and awesome. The salsas could also be both in the lamb soup to heat things up. Although, Alejandro was advising us not to mix the two salsas together but I did anyways :p.

Lamb Tacos 😀

The cake we got for the birthday party was from Serano Bakery. If you haven’t been to this bakery, you are truly missing out. The use fresh ingredients daily and make cakes, customized cakes, cookies, bread and other wonderful sweets. Serano is a Greek bakery and everything sold at their bakery is Halal! Maybe next time we can write a blog solely about Serano. They also recently opened a café right across the street from the bakery. So be sure to check both out!

Birthday Cakes

That’s that. Hope you enjoyed and as always like, share, comment, subscribe and everything! Check out our birthday vlog below. Thanks 😀

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