Toronto Raptors 2019 NBA Victory

The Toronto Raptors not only made it to the NBA finals but they won and become the champions! This was the first time ever for the Raptors to do this and you can see the effect it had on Canadians and Raptors fans around the world.

We the North! Let’s go Raptors! And the frequent chants for players were what echoed throughout the streets of Toronto if not Canada, following this NBA 2019 victory.

Thursday night (June 13, 2019) was the finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. We were watching the game at our friend’s place and were all amped to see the Raptors win. 

After the buzzer sounded everyone went wild. We thought of driving downtown just to see how it was with the Raptors making history. On our way downtown, we honked promptly as people walked the streets just like most other drivers that night and cheered, with random Torontonians cheering back at us. This night was none like other, and was certainly the most epic night I have ever had. Fans where sticking out of their sunroofs of cars, jumping out of their cars during red lights, climbing roofs and street signs, setting off firecrackers and much much more. People partied until past 4 am that night :o. It was like a huge block party.

Since the Raptors played game 6 in USA, they had to make the parade a few days later. The parade took place on Monday, June 17th, 2019. This date became a holiday for most, as signs read “No School Today”.

The parade stretched from the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) to Nathan Phillips Square, more than 4km. The estimated number of fans that showed us were more than 1 million. Now that is too crazy. I never have seen this many people show up for an event. This was next level! There were people from everywhere here and no one was here to discriminate, but just enjoy their time.

During the parade, Justin Trudeau (the prime minister of Canada), the mayor of Toronto and even Drake (famous rap star) showed up and gave a speech as well.     

That’s all! Thanks for reading and watching! Hoped you guys enjoyed. Remember to like, share, comment and subscribe.

P.S. Special and tremendous thanks to all the volunteers to set up the event, to the police and other emergency units for helping create a safe environment, to all the Raptors players and employees to working really hard to achieve their success, to fans for showing their love and support and anyone else I forgot :p.


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