Eid Prayer and Festival 2019

Location: Woodbine Park, Toronto

Monday, June 3rd, 2019 was the night that confirmed the sighting of the crescent moon. Meaning that Eid-al-Fitr would be the next day June 4th, the start of the new month in the Islamic calendar called Shawwal.

The Muslim Association of Canada as known as MAC had been organizing Eid festivals in Toronto for more than a few decades. This year and last year it was held at Woodbine Park. Unfortunately, last time it was raining so it had to be cancelled and we prayed at the mosque. However, this year we got lucky as it was supposed to rain as well but it didn’t. We need events for rain and shine :D.

I have to say MAC organized the event very well. There was ample parking upon arrival, yet some people parked on the side of the streets. There was a main stage where the speaker would present his speech, usually an imam similar to a priest. Then in front of the stage was a huge open area where people could pray and bring their own praying mats (musalla). Surrounded by this open area where Halal food trucks and food stalls on one side and the other side consisted of goods like Islamic or Middle Eastern apparel, decorations and more.

In terms of the food, we only tried the pani puri and it was not bad, a little too spicy. We also had to be cautious while eating especially in our Eid clothes and not having the pani puri masala water spill on you :o.

Pani Puri

On Eid, we tend not to eat too much outside since the real feast is at home. Nothing beats the taste of freshly home cooked Pakistani food made with love by the most expert chef, my mom. Also, on Eid we always eat something, usually after we come home from prayer. So my mom makes her special sweet dish called Sheer Khurma (Seviyan). This is a creamy dessert with milk, dried dates, almonds, pistachios, vermicelli, and more. This dessert is cooked on low for 12 hours! and then refrigerated before eating.

To finish off we will end with a brief lesson on moon sighting related to Eid:

The dates of Eid-al-Fitr vary around the world. With some countries following Mecca in Saudi Arabia and other following their regions. Some even use scientific calculations to predict when Eid will take place and what night a crescent moon will appear. If no moon is sighted then Eid becomes postponed to one day after. Extending the month of Ramadan to one more day.

In Canada alone, most people celebrated on Tuesday, June 4th, 2019, while others celebrated the next day on Wednesday. I really hope we can all celebrate together on the same day! Although, this would all depends of the various Islamic Committees.

Check out our Eid vlog below, super short!

Thanks for reading and watching! Late Eid Mubarak to you all! Hope you guys had a wonderful and blessed Eid! Remember to like, share, comment and follow/subscribe. See you next time.

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