Mexico City: Day 3 – Three delicious Food Stops and a visit to the Chapultepec Castle!

In our first food stop, we headed to the food market near our Airbnb. We were starving and wanted to try Mexican breakfast. This would be my first time!

We decided to go to this restaurant called Cocina Doña Chole. The waiter was super friendly and the place caught our attention. To our surprise, it turned out to be the oldest restaurant in the market, about 40 years old.

For starters we got a whole jug of fresh lemonade, then tomato soup with noodles and rice or spaghettis. Then came the main course, what we were really excited to try.

Tomato Soup

Chilaquiles is what this is called and it is a traditional Mexican dish. It means chiles and greens. It is usually eaten for breakfast and brunch. It consists of corn tortillas, with green or red salsas, cheese, raw onions and chicken or other meats or eggs or beans. The one I got was with eggs as I can only eat Halal and Alejandro got the chicken one. As my first time having chilaquiles, I have to save it was really really GOOD! If you eat it fresh, the tortillas are crunchy and it is just an explosion of flavour. Perfect for starting off your day and heavy as well. The watier was teasing us as we didn’t get to finish all of the food but we took it to-go for sure.

Next up, we headed to the Chapultepec Castle. We passed by the Monument to the Ninos Heroes. This was a monument that was dedicated to six young men who stood their ground to defend their country as the American advanced during the Mexican-American war of 1847.

Monument to the Ninos Heroes

The Chapultepec Castle is said to have the best view of the city and it’s no lie. You must check it out! The inside is truly beautiful as well and made into a museum. The 1996 Romeo and Juliet film was shot at this castle as well :o.

Jewel of Imperial Russia
Have you guys seen this guy? Could really use $5000 :p
The Amigos (left is me, Zaroon)
This was my favourite. I really love these types of glass paintings

The entrance fee per person was 75 Mexican pesos, around $5.11 Canadian. This was super cheap for us and well worth it! Chapultepec reminded us of Casa Loma, which is located in Toronto, Canada. Our home city.

After all the walking, we got hungry again and went to get some quesadillas at El Kiosquito. Kinda sounds like mosquito. El Kiosquito is just walking distance from the Chapultepec Castle and very affordable too. We got cheese and brain quesadillas and they were great. Freshly made and super cheesy like my jokes :p. I also got my pants ruined, since some oil from the quesadillas dropped from them. So be careful, folks!

Cheese Quesadillas

Since, I only had the cheese quesadillas and was still hungry we went to this seafood restaurant just across the street. The name was El Camaron Ahogado Express. The menu was filled with only seafood items and look super delicious. Finally, a restaurant where I could eat anything off the menu and not worry if it was Halal or not. For Muslims, most seafoods are Halal.

This seafood restaurant is a must-go and you guys will love it. The dishes are really tasty and comes on the side with many hot sauces too, if you love spices. The items we got were shrimp cocktail, shrimp patty kind of like a beef patty, shrimp broth and tiger shrimps with crackers. The total came up to 500 Mexican Pesos with tip, so around $34 Canadian.

Shrimp Broth in mini cups
Shrimp Patty
Shrimp with eyes 😮

Towards the end of our meal, we had a spice challenge. Well, no one else partook in the challenge but persuaded me to do it, solely. lol. I used all the hot sauces that were given to us on the table (about 4 different kinds) and put them in my shrimp patty. At first it wasn’t too bad, but after a few seconds it hit me. You ever eat something so spicy you get hiccups, while that’s what happened to me. Plus my mouth and lips were on fire. But anything for the views! Jokes!

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys enjoyed and found this entertaining and useful. Remember to like, share and comment. If you would like! Thanks to those who are supporting me.

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