Mexico City: Day 4 – Visiting a Church, CRAFT Market, eating Mexican Street food and MORE!

We first started our day by taking the Metro (Subway) to Coyoacán. Coyoacán is a district of Mexico City and the name means, “place of coyotes”. It consists of cobblestone streets and plazas. It is also a popular place to visit on the weekends.

Fountain of coyotes

Since we didn’t have breakfast, to our luck right outside of the Coyoacán Metro stop, there were a bunch of street food stalls. We enjoyed our brunch with cheese and steak quesadillas, alongside Mexican made strawberry sodas.

Food vendor outside Coyoacan Metro
Cheese quesadilla

Next up, we took an Uber to the historic centre of Coyoacán. You can take a bus and walk there too, both take the same amount of time. Uber was the best option, since it was only a 6 minute drive compared to 30 minutes of walking or taking the bus.

As we entered the historic centre, we were introduced to a neighbourhood that was lively yet peaceful. People were roaming around and chilling on benches with family and friends and having a good time.

The first place we visited was a Catholic church called Parroquia San Juan Bautista. This church was built in the 16th century. Although I am not Christian, I felt a sense of attraction and calmness when I entered the place of worship. The inside was very beautiful with religious art and decorations visible on the super high concaved ceiling.

After our visit of the church, we headed to this ice cream store called Helados Siberia. The ice cream we got was quite different from the ones we get in Canada. It had flavoured snow cones on the top, with ice cream at the bottom. Great for those hot summer day. The snow cone flavour was similar to lychee and the ice cream was mango. A great combination as recommended by the staff!

Next, we headed to the Mexican Craft Market (Mercado Artesanal Mexicano). This is a great place to get souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends as well as yourself. The prices here were affordable and the quality was top-notch. We got the classic Mexican ponchos (serape) from here, one for my little niece as well, a genuine leather wallet and purse and some Mexican style dress shirts with a grandad collar.

Lastly, we ended our day by seeing a live musical performance of dancing coyotes in the historic centre of Coyoacán and tried Mexican street corn for the first time. The corn was unique and did not have a sweet taste. It was seasoned with spices, cheese and butter.

That is all! Check out our vlogs, below.

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