Hakka Garden in Toronto

Location: 25 Overlea Blvd #7A, Toronto, ON M4H 1P9

Halal: YES!

Types of Payments Accepted: Cash or Debit, no Credit Cards

What is Hakka food?!

There are two types of Hakka cuisines: one is from the Hakka people of China and the second is an Indian fusion of Hakka dishes that became popular in India. Most of the Hakka restaurants in Toronto are that Indian fusion of Hakka dishes. That’s right imagine combining two of the best cuisines in the world, Chinese and Indian, and putting them together. So you basically have Chinese food with Indian spices. Now, that is a whole new level of tasty and spicy food! – When I say Indian, I really mean the Indian subcontinent so India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka. Yet, many forget to mention the other countries 😦

If you haven’t tried Hakka food, you are missing out and Hakka Garden is by far the best restaurant in Toronto to serve this type of cuisine.

Hakka Garden is a cosy place to dine-in with limited seating. There are around five booths that fit four or more people, and tables in the middle for larger and smaller groups. It has a more family-run vibe to it, which is great!

The pricing is very affordable and you get a lot of food for a low cost. We spent approx. $60 without tip for four people, with some leftovers. *Bonus tip: if you pay in cash, you get a discount.

Some type of beef dish lol
Hakka Garden Fried Rice
Chicken Pakora, brrro
General Tsao Chicken
Hakka Garden Chow Mein, reminds me of Yao Ming yet the two are very different

Lastly, I will tell you guys what I think are the best dishes to get at this restaurant, in my opinion! Sitting at number ONE is the chicken pakora, this you can eat all by yourself if you don’t like to share. Don’t forget to squeeze some lime on that pakora before you eat it. Coming in at number two is a new dish called lollipop chicken, it is basically deep fried chicken drumsticks. Next in order are the Hakka Garden Chow Mein, Manchurian chicken and Crispy beef. You have a choice of getting most of the dishes dry or with gravy. Gravy is nice, especially if you’re eating with rice.

You really can’t go wrong with what dishes you choose, all of them are really good. So go for it and maybe try something new.

Check out my food vlog if you like watching people eat :p

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have a favourite Hakka restaurant in your city and what your favourite Hakka dishes are. Remember to like, share and comment.




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