Muskoka 2019

Muskoka was rated the #1 Destination of summer trips in 2011 by the National Geographic. Now that’s a big statement! Although, this time around we went during the early winter season around the beginning of November. The result, it was still a beautiful site to see, basically all year-round.

Muskoka is known as the cottage-country of Canada and is about a 2-hour drive from Toronto, making it a great long weekend destination for many Torontonians and others living within the vicinity.

The airbnb we got was a dream house! Expensive but worth it.

This picture was taken from my drone

This house was massive and I loved the modern look to it with the large panoramic windows at the front. It had a campfire in the front as well and a playground in the back. When you stay at these dream houses, you never want to leave LOL.

Check out my Airbnb/Day 1 video tour below for a detailed look 😀

We didn’t get a chance to check out the Santa Village and other sites as it wasn’t open for the winter season yet. Usually they open starting December. However, we still had a blast here in Muskoka. From chilling at the campfire in the cold winter night, to barbequing and cooking turkey, to watching scary movies and playing ping pong and much more, it was a great weekend to remember.

Keema (ground beef) Sandwich

We did get lucky and had the opportunity to visit the Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm. It is basically a locally-run maple syrup farm. Here you can see how maple syrup is extracted from the maple trees and the whole production cycle. You also get to sample the different types of maple syrups and products that use maple syrup in them. The maple syrup here is so tasty and fresh that the ones you get at grocery store are just a disappointment. So be sure to check out this place and buy some products for home!

different types of maple syrup products all made/sold at this maple farm

If you’ve read this far, check out my 2nd vlog below!

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If you still haven’t left, check out these abstract pictures I took!

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