Celebrating Omer’s 26th Birthday at FLOCK Rotisserie!

Location: 97 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S 1G6

Halal: Only two Halal options. Ask your server or check the current menu for حلال (Halal) symbol

How I stumbled upon this restaurant was really random. I was looking for restaurants that served delicious halal food via Uber Eats (hint: Uber should definitely sponsor me :p LOL). But yeah as I was saying, my mom and her coworkers needed a restaurant where they could order Uber Eats near their workplace. And TADA, Flock Rotisserie showed up!

What differentiated Flock from other restaurants was the presentation of their food and their moto. “Delicious Food That’s Pretty Good For You”, sounds awesome! Who wouldn’t want healthy and tasty food? Another big winner for me was that this restaurant was Halal! Shoutout to the owner/management for making this happen. Usually, if the owner is Muslim then a restaurant would serve Halal food but in this case it was different. I guess more and more people are eating Halal food and the restaurants are catering to those demographics.

Aside from that, they have dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and state which dishes have nuts. So basically anyone can eat here! Check out the menu below, there are certain symbols indicating what is kosher for you, pun intended.

The two Halal options, I was stating earlier are the: Classic Rotisserie Chicken and the Pulled Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich. I got the latter one, and I must say it was one of the best chicken sandwiches I have ever had. Great work guys and ladies!

Before we eat… let me take one for the gram

You get a pickle on the top of your toasted bun, avocado spread and onions inside the bun with that super tasty rotisserie chicken, packed with romaine and beets and more. This is accompanied with coleslaw and the mouth-watering crispy french fries. Make sure to get their drink of the day! Since, I don’t drink alcohol, I got this freshly made watermelon juice. That was so refreshing, and people won’t know if I’m actually drinking or not, best way to fit in with the lads. lol jokes! Live life as you like people, who cares if others judge :D.

Oh yo, almost forgot the unforgettable. As if that is possible. They also give you this peanut sauce that is next level when dipped with your fries! Try it out and let me know.

When food looks so good, you gotta look at it from different angles

Lastly, when you finish your delicious meal, get a dessert or at least coffee or tea. We got a latte and it was great, really strong though, so I had to put like 8 teaspoons :o. Don’t believe me? Check out my vlog below :p.

After this picture, that is.

professional photos here loll

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Also, tell me about your favourite restaurants/food spots in Toronto or in your hometown!

Peace and stay healthy folks!

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