DEEPIZZ Pizzeria – Halal Chicago Style, Deep-Dish Pizza in Toronto

Location: 384 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1S7

Halal: YES!

This was the first time I have had a Halal Deep-Dish pizza or Chicago style pizza. In Toronto, there are not many Halal pizzerias that offer this style. For this reason, I am super grateful that DeePizz Pizzeria has opened up!

Deepizz serves Chicago style pizza which is also known as Deep-Dish Pizza. Here you get a pizza that filled with loads of toppings and flavour with a thick yet soft crust. Truly made fresh.

I did try the Chicago style pizza at Pizza Hut but since it wasn’t Halal, I could only get the veggie options :(. But now with Deepizz, am sure a lot of us (Halal foodies) are delighted.

The location for this pizzeria is great! Just located near Bathurst and College, it is perfect for students and those hanging out at bars nearby. Also, those that don’t drink like me :D.

Deepizz has a modern look to it and it very colourful so it will be hard to miss it. The seating should be good for around 20 people or more. Which is pretty solid for a pizzeria at downtown Toronto! And I seen most people do take-out as well.

For an updated menu you can visit their website —>

We got the Beef Bacon, Chipotle Steak, and Chicken Pesto pizzas as well as cheese on fries. There are loads of options you can choose from, they even have calzones like pizza sandwiches. Writing about this food is making me super hungry loll. Here are some delicious pictures below, let me know if you start drooling :p.

Let the Feast Begin!
Chicken Pesto
Chipotle Steak
Beef Bacon
Cheese on Fries

In conclusion, the pizzas were outstanding! I liked the cheese on fries as well but my friends didn’t. My favourite pizza was the Beef Bacon one.

Check out this spot and let me know what you think. Feel free to recommend your favourite pizzeria in Toronto/GTA.

Also, check out my vlog before you leave. :p

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed. As always remember to like, share and comment. See you next time for more food adventures!

That’s me! (Zaroon Khan)
Cigarettes are horrible! Try shisha instead loll. 19+

Lol us having a photoshoot after eating.


Always be grateful for what you have, for some would cherish what we take for granted. Say Alhamdulillah if you do believe and share your wealth, even a few dollars makes a difference.

Zaroon Khan

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