Karahi Point in GTA – Pakistani/Indian Cuisine

Location: 2201 Finch Ave W, Toronto, ON M9M 2Y9

Halal: YES!

First of all, I must say this is the best Pakistani/Indian restaurant I have been to in Toronto/GTA. I liked this place so much so that the very next day, I brought my family here to check it out. I don’t do that for most restaurants but Karahi Point stood out for me.

“Karahi”, is basically a deep dish cooking pot that is used all around South Asia from Afghanistan to Nepal. When I went back home to Pakistan, I seen chefs from Karachi to Lahore cooking in Karahis and serving delicious, on-the-spot, fresh food. My mom even has a Karahi at home, and when she makes her special Chicken Karahi dish, it is unbeatable. Also, believe it or not, I made Chicken Karahi a few times too! Check out my blog on that, lol not as good as my mom’s or Karahi Point though. https://eatplaytravelca.wordpress.com/2019/02/03/apun-ka-karahi-gosht-recipe-translation-my-chicken-karahi-recipe/

Moving on, when you go to Karahi Point, make sure to get their specialty Karahi dishes as they are well known for them. (Hint hint, it’s in their name too). There are other wonderful dishes that you should get as well!

Before I head on to describing the food, let us talk about the location itself. I went to the North York location and there are other locations around the GTA, so pick any that suits you. Just double-check Google reviews on how that location is. Currently, the North York location and the Mississauga one are rated the highest.

Karahi Point Nork York is a huge place with lots of seating, ranging from booths to tables for 10+ people. I went on a Friday night and I witnessed two Birthday parties! lol that was the first time I had ever been to a restaurant and that had happened.

Front entrance

At the front entrance, there is a glass container that has Saunf (fennel seeds) in it. It helps you digest your food and is also a mouth refresher. Most South Asian restaurants have these so you can try it out if you haven’t. You usually eat it after your meal! Or anytime you want if you’re like my family and I, especially my niece lol she loves it.

In terms of the food, you really can’t go wrong. I ordered the chicken samosas and chicken pakoras for the appetisers and they were just great! The chicken pakoras are the most spiciest item I have tried on the menu, so just be careful if you can’t eat spicy food. Other than that, I really wished they had Pani Puri (aka Gol Gappay). Those are my all-time favourite appetisers!! Lahore Tikka offers the best Pani Puri, so you can check it out there.

Chicken Pakora

I forgot to take a picture of the chicken samosas looll. That’s what happens when something is so delicious.

For the mains, we got the classic Chicken Karahi (boneless and white meat), and half Lahori Charga. The Karahi comes with two Naans and Raita (a yogurt sauce). You also get this green chili sauce which is super tasty and you should definitely try with the Lahori Charga and Chicken Pakora. Be sure to try the Garlic Naans as well, so goooood.

There are many more authentic dishes we wanted to order, but two people can only eat so much :p.

Chicken Karahi
Lahori Charga
Naans on Naans

After the superb meal. It was Chai Time! As in tea and dessert time!

C’est moi!

For me, the best part about a 3-course or so meal is the beginning and the end. lol and you can’t leave before having tea and dessert. Make sure to try out the Karak Chai, which means strong tea and the Gulab Jamun and Ras Malai. These two are the classic desserts of South Asia and Karahi Point makes them on point!

Ras Malai
Gulab Jamun
Some awesome chai

That’s it, Meray Dost (my friends)! Hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out this restaurant and let me know what you think or recommend your favourite food spot to me.

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