Xawaash – Great Somali/Mediterranean Restaurant in Toronto!

Address: 130 Queens Plate Dr #1,2, Etobicoke, ON M9W 0B4

Halal: YES!

Xawaash is an outstanding Somali/Mediterranean food stop to check out and you will definitely love it! It was inspired from restaurants and bars in the capital of Somalia called Mogadishu. Hence, the photos in the restaurant.

What was really fascinating about Xawaash was the fact that it first started as a food blog where recipes and videos were uploaded. It was started by Leila & Abdullahi, husband and wife, both born in Somalia. This food blog gained so much popularity and its videos on YouTube reached millions of views. They also have the 100,000 subscribers silver YouTube award! 😮 Check out their blog and videos below!

Xawaash Food blog: http://xawaash.com/#sthash.HNsVr9Tw.dpbs

Xawaash Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ7cS4WfHrHCsleAG4-gxBA

Fast track a few years later, with the high demand of Leila’s & Abdullahi’s food recipes, it only made sense for them to open up their own restaurant. A place where they could present their love for cooking, or as in their words…

“We love food, but we don’t live to eat.  Nor do we eat to live.  We live in between. We love to cook and entertain. And we like to share. We want to share with you our love for Somalia and our memories of growing up there. Of peaceful and tranquil times.”

From the Xawaash Blog
Halwa with Bun and Samosas, and that Legendary Green Sauce

All in all the food was outstanding! The spices and seasoning was just perfect and you have to try the classic green chili sauce. It was my first time trying the Halwa with the bun and I loved it! Reminded me of a Pakistani sweet.

Half Chicken Mandi with Salad and Somali rice

The half chicken mandi was super tender and the somali rice reminded me of Afghan rice and how they put raisins in them.

Chicken Wings with crispy Fries

This is a staple to get when watching any game. And luckily Xawaash has a TV per each booth and elsewhere so you can watch live sport games!

Somali Date Cake, perfect for dates :p
Same as above yet accompanied with Somali tea

Lastly, the Somali tea was really good, strong in ginger and a perfect combination with the sweet caramel date cake.

It is so cool how the cuisines from different countries can be so related and each put their own spin on it.

Check out my vlog!

That will be all! Thanks for watching and be sure to check out this restaurant and let me know what you think!

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