Omni Palace – Legendary Authentic HALAL Chinese Hand-Pulled Noodles and MORE!

Location: 235 Consumers Rd e1, Toronto, ON M2J 0E9

Halal: YES!

The title says it all! This food spot is everything you can ask for when looking for Chinese Halal food. There are over 400 locations throughout China and Omni Palace had decided to expand even further and open up in Toronto. Lucky us!

Omni Palace serves that most authentic hand-pulled noodles (aka Lamian) that came from the region of Lanzhou in China. This dates back to 200 or so years ago. Although, the modern day hand-pulled noodles was invented by Ma Baozi in 1915. Ma Baozi was the first known to come up with the concept of pulling noodles in front of customer and cooking the noodles on the spot. This tradition has been passed down for many generations and in 1999 it became Omni Palace’s mission to serve “the most authentic hand-pulled Lanzhou beef noodles”. Surely, they have went above and beyond!

Before I go on with this post, I wanted to bring attention to the whole social stigma of going to Chinese/Asian restaurants. This is wrong and is racism! I hope everyone supports these restaurants as they do an excellent job in keeping their restaurant clean and sanitary and provide us with top quality food.

Sadly, many Chinese/Asian restaurants are losing business not just in China alone but around the world. Even in Toronto, a city that is perhaps the most diverse in the world. So please as I said before, let us not use hate and racism to divide each other. Please support each other and these restaurants! Much love and thanks!

Furthermore, Omni Palace is a modern restaurant with epic artwork all around. The coolest thing that stood out for me while visiting Omni Palace was its open kitchen concept. This allows customers to see how their dishes are being made, like the famous hand-pulled noodles. You can actually see through a glass frame, the chefs who are pulling the dough apart and making noodles. So cool to watch! It was as if I was in the streets of China!

In terms of the food, you definitely have to try any of the hand pulled noodles as the restaurant is known for them. The noodles come in different sizes too, from classic to mid-flat. There are about nine different noodle thicknesses :o. Aside from that I loved the lamb/chicken skewers and beef dumplings. The food in general is super super tasty and you can add chili sauce and soy sauce for more of a kick. To end it off, be sure to get the hot green tea.

Traditional Lanzhou Beef Noodles
Chicken Noodles with Chinese Cabbage
Chicken & Lamb Skewers
Beef Dumplings

In conclusion, Omni Palace is a must visit. I am not sure of any restaurant that offers this kind of quality of authentic Halal Chinese food. The service and quickness of having your meal ready and the flavour and open kitchen concept along with the modern atmosphere is legendary as my title implies :p.

That’s me! Behind the scenes

Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think and recommend your favourite food spots for me :D.

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Peace! Happy eating.

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