Ben Thanh North – Vietnamese and Thai Cuisine in London, Ontario

Location: 655 Fanshawe Park Rd W, London, ON N6G 5B4

Halal: No! Although, we ate the seafood and veggies 😀

Most of my food vlogs/blog posts are based on Halal food spots in Toronto/GTA. While that will still remain my main focus, it is always great to switch things up. As there are plenty of outstanding restaurants that do not serve Halal food but have options that are suitable for everyone. Like when I went to Flock Rotisserie for Omer’s birthday. They had gluten-free options to vegan to halal.

Moving on, Ben Thanh North is the first restaurant in London, Ontario that I have vlogged and wrote a blog post about. The modern design of the restaurant, with flowers in the background, to the private booths and hanging silk lanterns. My sister was the one that told us about this restaurant and boy was it worth it! Check out her instagram (@iam.rashma) for AWEsome travel pictures and poems!

Here’s a few pictures of us below, to illustrate my words!

C’est moi!
That’s my mom and sister

Now that my description and illustration part of the restaurant is done, let us talk about the food and keep this blog short. I know people are busy, or are they :p.

All jokes aside, I really loved the food at Ben Thanh North. It was a mix between Vietnamese and Thai cuisine and the flavours were truly mouth-watering. You have to check out my vlog for more details!

The last two items of our meal really stood out to us. One was the Vietnamese condensed milk coffee and the other was fried banana with ice cream. The Vietnamese coffee was next level! I have never had something like that before, there’s a cold version of it as well for those summer days.

It reminded me of a time capsule. Where basically, you have hot water that goes through a filter of coffee and you have sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of your cup. Words cannot describe this!

This was the best fried banana with ice cream dish I have ever had!

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed and remember to LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT! Stay safe and healthy and stay at home when possible during these difficult times. Insha’allah all will be better soon!

Peace and take care!

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