King Palace – Pakistani/Indian Late Night Food

Location: 820 Church St, Toronto, ON M4W 2M4

Halal: YES!

Hours: 11am to 6am everyday, hours might change due to Covid-19, call in advance

Hello wonderful people! Hope all is well and that you’re staying healthy and at home. We will get through this soon, insha’allah!

In this blog post, I will talk about a food spot that is most likely underrated. I used to go this food spot called, King Palace, in the early years of high school. This was a go to place for my brother, his friends and I. We all loved this spot as it served us traditional Pakistani/Indian cuisine at a low price. It reminded us of going to an aunty’s house and eating there.

Fast forward many years later, Omer and I (Zaroon) stumbled upon this restaurant randomly one day. We ordered their chicken biryani and fell in love, it was so tasty! What I didn’t realized was that I had been to this exact restaurant with my brother many years before and it wasn’t just deja’vu.

For this reason, I decided to go back to King Palace and make a vlog there. A way to revisit my high school days :p.

King Palace Restaurant as is its full name is a more of a cafeteria type of restaurant that is great for late night food. The restaurant closes at 6am everyday, thus is great for those late night workers and those party animals LOL. Uber/Lyft and Taxi drivers get a discount as well, how neat!

I had a talk with one of the employees at King Palace and was told that they will make the place into more of a dine-in and have a greater variety of dishes, with more seating. This might certainly help the restaurant in terms of their food quality. Since, most of the food is made beforehand and placed in the front of the store in trays, and it is not as fresh. When you place an order, the employees take your dish and microwave it. The only thing that is freshly made are the naans.

That being said the food is still delicious and has lots of flavour! King Palace should focus on the quality of their food and make the dishes on the spot. If they do this, they will be an outstanding restaurant. If not, they should at least lower the price of the items on their menu.

Moving on, we decided to order two mains and two desserts along with come chai. The two mains we got were butter chicken and chicken tikka masala, accompanied with salad and a green sauce called raita (a yogurt sauce with coriander, mint, cumin and more). The mains came with an option of rice or naan, we got the latter. The naan as I said before was freshly made in the tandoor and was AMAzing! The butter chicken and chicken tikka was great as well, even though it was great microwaved :o. I loved dipping the naan in the raita (aka green sauce) and just eating it like that or dipping it with the curry. YUmmy!!

Chicken Tikka Masala
Butter Chicken
Naaaaannnnn 😍😍😍

After our meal, we got rice pudding and fruit cream. These were SOO Goood. I loved the fruit cream the most. It had fruits covered in cream like the name implies. And to end it off we got some garam chai (hot tea that is). The chai was on point!

Fruit Cream
Rice Pudding

All in all, this restaurant is great to check out especially if you are out late. Just remember the mains get microwaved but still taste good. Also, don’t forget to try their naan, desserts and chai. I hope you guys enjoyed!

Check out my vlog below!

Take care, friends!

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