Why be a Google Local Guide?

When I first started writing Google reviews on a regular basis, I didn’t really know what the Google Local Guides Program was. I would see people’s bio on Instagram state that they were a level 5 or higher Local Guide. Or when I looked at certain Google reviews, I would see that some of the commenters where Local Guides. This seemed so awesome and I wanted to be one too!

As a Youtuber and blogger, I started creating vlogs and blog posts of great Halal food stops in Toronto to dine at. Aside from this, I wanted to help local businesses as well as foodies who wanted to check out new place to eat at! This is when I started posting Google reviews on the restaurants I visited, and would let people know what I enjoyed about the place through my words and pictures. Then one day, I had the great opportunity to become a Google Local Guide, and currently I am a level 5. Below are some of my Google reviews!

In the months that came, I was really surprised about the Local Guides program and the impact it was helping me make and the number of views my photos were getting. I had to ponder if one user could influence and help local businesses and spread the love, what about thousands if not millions? The ecosystem Google has made is truly revolutionary. Even before becoming a regularly poster and a Local Guide member, I would always check the Google ratings on restaurants and attractions to see how it was and even to this day I use it! 

One of my most popular photos was a picture I took of a dish served at Hakka Garden in Toronto. In 3 months, it got about 13,433 views. I am sure many others have received more views. But just wanted to share this and let you know that anyone can do this! Below is the picture of the dish!

In conclusion, the Local Guides program means the world to me. It helps me aid local businesses by showcasing their products and share my love for food with others. I will continue to upload on Google reviews and make new content for my vlog and blogs post.

That is all, hope you enjoyed reading!


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