Top 3 Spots Near Blue Mountain! Summer 2020

Good day everyone! Welcome back to another travel blog. Hope all is well!

Chances are you heard about Blue Mountain before, well-known for those ski trips in the winter. But did you know that it just as awesome to visit in the summer? I did not. And when we went there for our first time ever, we were blown away. Many beautiful spots to see, from hilly roads to sandy beaches to hidden caves. All only a 2 hour drive away from Toronto!

Fun fact – Blue Mountain’s top elevation is 450 metres (1480ft)1, whereas the top floor of the CN tower is 446.5 metres (1,464.9 ft)2. That’s pretty high 😱⛰

For the summer time, you can do loads of activities in Blue Mountain. They range from mountain climbing, zip-lining, golf and more. Making this spot a year round activities resort, similar to Mount Tremblant in Quebec and Whistler in British Columbia. I was fortunate enough to visit those spots as well. Just recently like last week, I came back from Mount Tremblant. We got a cottage there and it was next level, will definitely create a blog/vlog about that. I went to Whistler in the winter/summer time, probably in 2012 or so, the sea-to-sky highway is very beautiful to take but in the winter it can get very dangerous. I did snowboarding there, I was horrible but it was super fun 🤣.

LOL days of my youth 🤣🤣

Before, I jump into listing the top 3 places to visit, I’ll talk about the Airbnb we booked, which was so unreal.

Our stay was called Chateau Ridge, which are basically resort homes right in Blue Mountain. Boy, were they beautiful. They were townhouse style homes, and ours was a few stairs up from the main entrance. Being higher up gave us a spectacular view of a ski resort from our living room. The place consisted of 3 floors and was well built with a great interior design.

Check out my home tour for a visual look.

With summer ending so soon, you gotta visit these top 3 spots near Blue Mountain. If not this year, next year for sure. Hopefully by then covid is gone! Insha’allah as we say.

After you are done the activities at Blue Mountain, here are 3 places you should definitely check out.

1) Wasaga Beach

Wasaga beach is probably the most well-known beach in Canada. However, did you know it the longest freshwater beach in the world?! Crazy right? Well, make sure to check out this beach and you won’t be disappointed. It can get a lit crowded and when we went in early August just before my birthday, the washrooms were closed due to Covid. So make sure to check the website beforehand. Also, sometimes they can close off parts of the beach. Any who, the sand is really nice and the water was clean and warm. The tides do get quite strong, especially near the shoreline, you can lay on the sand and get lifted by the water. It’s super fun!

Make sure to bring out the drone, if you have one!
Now it makes sense why it’s the longest freshwater beach in the world, look at the shoreline 🏖

2) Scenic Caves

Upon visiting Scenic Caves Nature Adventures, I was thrown away that Ontario had hidden caves like these. It reminded me of the Cenotes (underwater caves) we visited in Cuba and Mexico, yet these were not underwater. The pricing for admission is $26.50 CAD for Adults, $24.25 for youth and free for toddlers under 2. There are hiking trails that lead to incredible lookout points, the caves, a suspension bridge and more.

Great date spot!
the only bad thing was that it started to rain, thumbs up 👍🏽 or thumbs down 👎🏽
View from Suspension Bridge

3) Christie Beach

Lastly, is the Christie Beach Conservation Area. This beach is not well-known but a great spot to swim and chill on the beach. There is also a park area with benches right before the beach, it’s great for doing barbecues. Christie Beach is also great for catching the sunset/sunrise, just like Wasaga Beach. To add on, Christie Beach is more of a family beach, a good spot for children.

That’s all, remember to Like, Share, Comment and Follow! Also, let me know what your favourite spots are in Blue Mountain and nearby.






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