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Updated on March 2020

I am quite new to blogging and vlogging, but like most people we must start from zero. Below are the types of equipment I use and as my journey continues, so will this list. Hope it is of use for you guys! Thanks for reading :D.

Panasonic Lumix G (DMC- G85M) – This is my latest/favourite camera I have ever had! It shoots 4k video quality and has dual video stabilization, one in the body and the other in the lens. The battery life is superb, and is waterproof too. The only problem is I can only shoot in 1080p since my computer cannot handle 4k video editing lol but soon the problem will be solved with a new computer that is! Also, this camera is really excellent for taking pictures. The low-light setting is good too. The last pro and a key factor in purchasing this camera was it auto focusing as my last camera would not focus properly. All my recent vlogs/pictures are shot using this camera!

Photo by Alex Fu on

Canon EOS REBEL T3i – this is our first DSLR camera that we used and gotta say it’s pretty good. Shoots 1080p, takes amazing photos especially on RAW setting and the battery life is great too. Just has a problem with auto focusing when shooting videos.

Big shout-out to my wonderful sister, Rashma, (her Instagram) who gave us this camera for free :o!!

Photo by Ajay Lobo on

iPhone XR (128gb) – This is a great phone and you’d be surprised by the pictures and videos it can take. It can shoot 4k videos!! Crazy right? Has 128 gb depending on model, which is ample storage to keep your pictures and videos. Check out my full review here!

Photo by Plush Design Studio on

Drone- DJI Spark (Fly-more Combo) – I got the DJI Spark combo edition on sale for around $730 CAD with taxes. Gotta say its pretty awesome! It comes with two batteries, a remote controller that you hook up your phone with, extra propellers for your drone, propeller guards and more. Don’t forget to get an extended warranty for your DJI in case of accidental damage, you get two replacements for a fee.

DJI is a Chinese based company and is one of the most well-known drone manufactures in its field. DJI has built an outstanding drone and their software that goes with it is next level. This drone shoots max 1080p videos and takes pictures too. Just be sure to know your country’s regulations when flying drones. In Canada as of June 2019, you must get a drone license and register your drone too. Have to say this is a little too extra, plus the license exam is very difficult. They expect you to know about aviation and flight theory and more. You need 65% or more to pass. The total cost for the registration and license is $15 CAD. Here is a link with more information of how to get licensed and registered.

There are lots of videos of how to operate you drone on Youtube!

Photo by Mnz on

SD card, 128 gb – Buying an SD card with lots of space is crucial and does not cost much nowadays. You can get one for $30 CAD on Especially shooting RAW images and making lots of videos takes up lots of space.

Photo by Pixabay on

MacBook Pro 13-inch (Mid 2012) – I know my MacBook Pro is old now, but it still runs pretty well! I recently upgraded the ram to 8gb and the hard drive to a Solid State Drive (affiliation links), upgrading these two components made my laptop 10x faster. Go to to learn how to upgrade your MacBook or about anything else. Also, a great place to buy Apple products at a cheaper price is by buying them certified pre-owned by Apple itself. You save a couple of hundred bucks and it’s worth it! It comes with a one year warranty, fully inspected by Apple, and you can even extend your warranty to 3 years. It is like buying the new thing. Check it out, NOT an affiliation link —->

Photo by Startup Stock Photos on

Final Cut Pro – As professional as the name sounds, this video editing software is a beast. Even the movie Eat, Pray, Love used this software and many more movies. I first began editing my videos using iMovie, but I wanted something more powerful. This was the answer. You can get a free trail just to see if you like it and buy it later on. I think its around $400 CAD. (NOT affiliation link)

Photo by Martin Lopez on

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC – This is by far the best software to use to fix up your images. Sometimes, I take images that turn out too dark or that special touch is missing. Photoshop Lightroom is what adds that special touch. (NOT affiliation link).

Joby Camera Tripod – I have seen a lot of vloggers use this. Great grip for holding camera, can also be used as a mini stand and very sturdy and well made.

Photo by Chait Goli on

Rode Camera Mic – I have seen a lot of vloggers use this as well. Its pretty awesome, great sound recording and light weight.

Photo by Prime Cinematics on

Portable Camera Light – A portable camera light does come in handy especially when you are out in the evening. Using your cellphone flash is good too but you can buy a small portable light on Amazon and it should be much brighter.

Photo by Thgusstavo Santana on

2 TB External Hard Drive – I got mine from the website. Just search around for the best deal. Mine was at a great price, has fast uploading speeds, and has tons and tons of space. What more can you ask for :p

Photo by Azz Bad on

Power Outlet – This is a must for travelling especially with hotel rooms that only have one outlet. You can pick one up almost anywhere.

Photo by on

Wireless Headphone – I find these to be pretty nice. Light weight, durable, great audio and good battery life. You can even use it in the gym or for your runs. (NOT affiliation link)

Photo by Dzenina Lukac on

Neewer Camera Bag – It is crucial to carry a camera bag with you especially when traveling. It makes things much easier for you and all your camera equipment is in one location and organized. This bag, I got as a gift and for the price, what more can you ask for! It has many compartments and is very durable.

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed and found this useful!

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