Why be a Google Local Guide?

Advertisements When I first started writing Google reviews on a regular basis, I didn’t really know what the Google Local Guides Program was. I would see people’s bio on Instagram state that they were a level 5 or higher Local Guide. Or when I looked at certain Google reviews, I would see that some ofContinue reading “Why be a Google Local Guide?”

Google Pixel 3a

Advertisements Hello awesome people! Hope all is well. It has been a long time seen I wrote a blog post, but I do upload weekly vlogs on YouTube. So just in case, if you’re missing me, most likely you are not… 🙁 Check out our YouTube channel!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8I2vmfN2M3KPdZFbeCYq0A/featured?view_as=subscriber Now that I have done my partContinue reading “Google Pixel 3a”