Maker Pizza in Toronto

This is probably the best Italian style pizza I have ever had in Toronto. Much better than Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut or any of those types of franchises.

I really loved the interior design of the pizzeria. It had that modern look to it. There were a few long bar tables which you could dine at, companied by stools to sit on. This pizzeria reminded me of New York City, which is famous for their pizzas. In NYC, much of the pizzerias are grab and go and have limited siting. Also, the best places are the local places, just how Maker Pizza is. Maker Pizza’s slogan was quite funny and catchy too. It was written on the wall in black bold font, “7 days without pizza, makes one weak”. Pretty cool, right? 

The names are the pizzas give it character and were well thought out. We got the Return of the Mac (similar to a big mac from McDonalds but on a pizza :o) and Napoli Dynamite as the meat options. Whereas, for veggies we got: Tea with Broccolini and the Siena Margherita. All the pizzas were amazing and the total for these pizzas in small sizes came up to $80 CAD. There are also chicken wings, sandwiches and dessert!

The only bad side to this pizzeria for me personally was that it was not halal. So, I had to get the vegetarian options. But my friends enjoyed the meat ones! And not every place in Toronto is Halal, so it’s good to get your vegetable intake once in a while :p.

Thanks for reading! Let us know about your experience at Maker Pizza. Also, check out our vlog below!      

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