Maha’s – Outstanding Halal Egyptian Restaurant in Toronto

Location: 226 Greenwood Ave, Toronto, ON M4L 2R2

Halal: Yes!

Hours: 8am to 7pm weekdays, closed on Wednesdays, and 8am to 5pm weekends

I have been looking for a place for breakfast/brunch in the Toronto area and Maha’s is ultimately that place! The food is so tasty and mouth watering that I highly doubt you would find a better breakfast spot than this or even another Egyptian restaurant. And to make things even better, the entire menu at this restaurant is Halal.

It has been my second time trying out Egyptian food. The first time, I went to a restaurant called Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen in Mississauga. They served good food but now comparing them to Maha’s, they have to step up their game. I will make a blog/vlog on Masrawy this coming week, so stay tuned.

Moving on, Maha’s is located in a undercover spot at the corner of Sandford and Greenwood Ave. The next block is Little India, where you have find a variety of Pakistani and Indian shops/restaurants. Even Lahore Tikka House is nearby, check out my blog on that —> Now back to this topic :p. I was surprised I never heard of or seen Maha’s, since I frequently go that that neighbourhood. Although, now I am truly glad I have found it at last!

When entering Maha’s, it will feel as though you have been invited to an Egyptian home. The restaurant is cosy, the owners/staff are super friendly and there are decorations/paintings around the restaurant that give it a sense of tradition/culture and bring the place to life.

Below is the menu but for an updated version you can check out their website –>

I have to say it was tough deciding what to get because everything looked awesome, but the waitress helped us out! We ended up getting the Cairo’s Classic, a fava bean dish that is a staple Egyptian/Sudanese food. We also ordered the Egyptian Falafel, Egga, Date Grilled Cheese and Maha’s Mind Blowing Chicken.

All of these dishes were outstanding and the seasoning was just perfect. The Date Grilled Cheese was so unique and we first though we wouldn’t like it, but we were wrong, it was so delicious. Who knew you could mix dates with a grilled cheese sandwich. The chicken dish called Maha’s Mind Blowing Chicken was a mountain of chicken pieces like a Shawarma, yet having the bun hidden inside. The falafels and pita beard was just great and soft. The fries and salad were solid too. We truly loved everything! So pick any item off the menu you want and you won’t go wrong.

After you have finished your meal, you must get the Honey-Cardamom Latte. Mark Wahba, one of the owners makes it and this is the best coffee drink I have ever had! So make sure to get that and Mark will make his special latte art on your drink as well. Check out his instagram @wahbzz.

The Legend is making the coffee

I gotta take my family to this restaurant! Can’t wait. Maybe you guys will see me there :o.

Check out my Maha’s vlog below.

Thanks for reading and hopefully watching my vlog :p. Check out this place if you get the chance and let me know what you think. Also, comment below if you know any other restaurants I should check out.

As always, remember to like, share and comment. And as Mufti Abu Layth says, Spread the love, people!”

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