Shisha Marquise – The BEST Hookah lounge in Toronto hands down!

Location: Shisha Marquise – 919 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1L8

Hours: Usually 3-4pm till Midnight or later, open all days in the week

I’ll let you guys on a little secret but as soon as I publish this, it won’t be a secret anymore :p. So read quickly and share with only your close friends. Jokes!

Now that I have your attention, I would love for you guys to try out this new shisha spot right on Danforth and Donlands, called Shisha Marquise. And no I am not getting sponsored by Shisha Marquise. As a shisha enthusiast who has been to many many shisha cafes, I can say this is the best shisha spot in all of Toronto/Gta.

Shisha Marquise is a Turkish shisha cafe that introduces a modern atmosphere with epic artwork done on the walls. Like the classic Mona Lisa, yet with a twist.

I never knew Mona Lisa was this gangster

The location for this cafe could not have been any better. As you got Donlands station right there, free street parking after 6pm or so, the Legendary Mevlana’s Salon (He is like a brother to me), the outstanding Halal Turkish restaurant called Efes (check out my blog on that) and the amazing Halal fast food place called City Fried Chicken. What more can one ask for!!

Before I get toooo excited, let’s show you guys some pictures and move on.

Us chiliing (Me in the purple)

If you have a chance to get in early before it gets busy, try to get the L-Shaped leather sofas. That is my favourite seating area. Aside from that, there are other small tables with chairs. Currently, only the top floor is open but they will open the basement soon and maybe even have a patio for the summer :o.

In terms of the shisha flavours itself. You get the regular Al Fakher brand (lol sounds funny eyy) and then you get this Turkish brand. The Al Fakher ones are severed with the regular shisha flavours on the menu like what most shisha cafes have (e.g. grape, double apple, etc). What differs is the Turkish shisha flavour brand Shisha Marquise has. These I have never seen at any other location in Toronto or the GTA. The premium flavours usually have the Turkish brands. You can ask the owner about them. The best flavour in my opinion to get is the Paradise flavour. This is hands down the best shisha flavour I have ever smoked, it reminds me of the shisha in Turkey. It has a sweet melon taste to it. Other then that, there are some cool fruit shisha you can get too, like watermelon (Yes! fresh real fruit). I haven’t tried them yet but they look delicious.

The shisha built is much more superior than the classic Egyptian shishas that cafes have like the Khalil Mamoon. Not to hate on Khalil Mamoon, those are good, but what Shisha Marquise has is something from the future. The shishas are made in Turkey by a German company. The shisha head has a silicon base with an aluminum cover on top. The shisha is only served with coconut charcoals which last much longer and are better than the 3 Kings charcoals. The end result you get a super smooth pull when you inhale your shisha and for some reason the shisha flavour doesn’t get burned. You can smoke for hours and you’ll be good.

Check out the lights! 😮

That is all! Hope you guys and by “guys” I mean Ladies and Gentlemen, but yeah hope you “GUYS” enjoyed and found this useful.

Check out my vlog below and remember to check out Shisha Marquise and let me know what you think in the comment section. Lastly, try to support these Shisha cafes in Toronto/GTA, what the government is doing on trying to ban them is totally wrong. If alcohol and marijuana are now legalized, why is Shisha being banned. It is part of our culture that has been going on for many many centuries.

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