Top Shisha Spots in Toronto- Part 1: Double Apple Cafe

Double Apple Cafe & Shisha Lounge

Address: 372A Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1T1

Front Entrance, Queen and Parliament

Double Apple Cafe is a new Shisha cafe that has opened only a few months ago. This new hip cafe is by far one of the best Shisha spots in Toronto, no doubt. It has a great choice of flavours, amazing environment and nice location and seating.

The seating area mostly consists of booths which is really nice and gives you that privacy feeling. Each booth has its own TV too. There is also two rooms separated from the main booth area. One of the rooms is a private room that can be booked and a small fee applies.

Now lets get into the most important reason to go to a shisha cafe! The shisha flavours! This cafe has a wide variety of shisha flavours. From basic Al-Fakher flavours to Starbuzz and special mixes. Our favourites were the paan mint and most of the house mixes. The paan mint with an ice pipe (make sure you do get the ice pipe, its worth it) comes up to $19.50. This is a really decent price for a premium flavour with an ice pipe compared to other cafes.

This is the spot you guys have to check out. They have another location in Oshawa and the owners are super nice and the shisha is made quick and is super fire. We have been told that they will open a restaurant soon as well.

Check out our Youtube video!

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