TOP SHISHA SPOTS IN TORONTO- PART 3: Lighthouse Shisha Lounge

Address: 97 Church St, ON M5C 2G3

Lighthouse Shisha Lounge is a lively and popular shisha cafe located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Right near Richmond Street East and Church Street. There are two other shisha spots located near this area: Ali Basha and King Cafe. Although in our opinion, Lighthouse is the best one.

In the summer, Lighthouse is a place you must visit for sure! They have an awesome patio, great for some fresh air and the summer breeze. Very few places in Toronto and the GTA have a patio. Also, another plus to Lighthouse is its space and seating. The place has a lot of room for a downtown location. There are a couple of booths for groups and sofas and more throughout the place. Each of the booths have their own TVs too. During Fridays and on the weekends the place can get super busy, so it’s a good idea to get there around 8pm.  

Coconut Charcoals

Now let’s talk about the sheesha flavours! Lighthouse has a variety of Al-fakher flavours ranging from the classics like: double apple and grape-mint, to kiwi, pomegranate and more. One shisha is $15 for one person, but if two people get one shisha it would be $20. You can also add an ice hose for $5 and a pineapple or orange head instead of the original clay head. To add on, the staff were super nice and they gave us a discount too.

Hope this was useful and you enjoyed! YouTube video link —> And let us know what your favourite shisha spots are in Toronto or the GTA!

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