Best Halal Turkish Pizza Restaurant in Toronto

Address: 800 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1L6

Mr. Pide is a Halal Turkish restaurant well known for making Middle-Eastern style pizza, which is called Pide. It is located on Danforth Ave. just near Pape station. A wonderful location to be in.

Mr. Pide just recently renovated and the inside of the restaurant looks spectacular. The atmosphere of the restaurant is great and the staff are super nice. Turkish music is played in the background and makes you feel like you’re in Turkey.

In terms of the food, in our opinion, this is the BEST Turkish pizza restaurant in Toronto! If you have never tried Middle-Eastern style pizza before, you are truly missing out. This type of pizza known as Pide, is a flatbread style of pizza and is way healthier than any other style of pizza. When you eat this, you won’t get that lazy feeling you get after eating junk or processed food. This is because of the fresh ingredients and how to Pides are made. True story.

Our favourite Pides are: number 11 and number 18. Number 11 is the one with Turkish sausage with mozzarella cheese and the number 18 is the roasted lamb with mozzarella cheese. For number 18, the chef was telling us that he cooks the lamb for 14 hours, overnight :o. That’s crazy, in a good way. This insures that the meat is super tender and doesn’t have that lamb smell.

Overall, most of the Pides here are awesome so don’t be shy, pick anyone you want. They also have one that is a combination of Pides put together. It’s great for those first time comers. When you order a Pide, you get it served on a wooden plate. Pretty authentic eyy. It also comes on the side with fresh sweet onions, Turkish pepper stored in vinegar, tomatoes and parsley. Be sure to use hot sauce if you love spicy food like us and that garlic sauce. Don’t forget to try those tasty Turkish sodas and even a cup of Turkish tea.

Total for 3 Pides and 3 Drinks = $50

To add on, just recently, Mr. Pide made this new dish called Pidella (basically Pide and nutella). I have never seen anything like this before. It’s a Pide style dessert. It has the flatbread but instead of meat or vegetables. It has strawberries, pistachios, sugar powder, nutella, and bananas. This is similar to the French dish called crepe. Remember this is a must try for your dessert and it’s not even on the menu as of right now! Just tell them you want a Pidella and you’ll be good.

Aftermath of delicious food :p

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed! Check out Mr. Pide and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to watch our vlog —> Please like :D, dislike :(, subscribe, comment and share.

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