Niagara Falls: Canadian Side – Trip with Family

Before we start to talk about this trip, I must first say… Go Raptors, Go! They became the champions of NBA 2019. Seems unreal. We will make a video or two regarding the aftermath of the Toronto victory as not only Torontonians went wild but also all of Canada, 37 million people, and fans of other countries too. Stay tuned!

Now back to the topic… The last time, I went to Niagara Falls was about 12 years ago or so and it is much much, much different from what it has become today. Now Niagara Falls, the Canadian side I’m taking about, has become a huge amusement park similar to Canada’s WonderLand. I heard the Canadian side is better than the American one :p. But none the less, what I loved about Niagara Falls was how diverse and developed it has become. You really see people from every country here.

There are tons of things to do at Niagara Falls, from walking around the epic Clifton Hill, ziplining, go karting and much more. For our first day, we started by heading to the Whirlpool Aero Car, then we went to the Hershey chocolate store, the Coca-Cola store and finished off by heading to the good old Niagara Falls, like the actual waterfalls.

Here is our Day 1 vlog –>

The next day we went to the Skywheel, which is a huge Ferris wheel with multiple private cabins just for friends and family. The Skywheel does about 4 full rotations and stops at specific points when you are high up to take wonderful pictures of the falls and buildings around. We also went to the famous Clifton Hill and got funnel cake and beaver tails. Although, I was fasting so I couldn’t try any :(.  

Clifton Hill is a famous and super busy street packed with tourists from all over and here you’ll find restaurants, entertainment and more, all based on a theme. Such as the Frankenstein Burger King :o.

To end the day, we went the Wizards’ Golf, which was a miniature golf course, but with a magical theme twist. I have to say it was my first time going to miniature golf and it was awesome! The place was dark and everything had a glow to it, even my shoes.  

Check out our vlog for our final day –>

Wizards’ Golf
Beaver Tail
Funnel Cake

Lastly, the Airbnb we stayed at was beyond our expectations, it was truly a beautiful place to stay at and was huge. With 4 bedrooms, two kitchens, a huge backyard with a barbeque and more. It also wasn’t too far from the falls, around a 10-minute drive.

Below is a video of our Airbnb tour. The link to book the Airbnb is in the video’s description box (*not making any money off this).

That’s all! Hope you guys enjoyed. Thanks for reading and watching. Remember to like, share, and comment. And as always stay awesome!

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