Top 3 Spots Near Blue Mountain! Summer 2020

Advertisements Good day everyone! Welcome back to another travel blog. Hope all is well! Chances are you heard about Blue Mountain before, well-known for those ski trips in the winter. But did you know that it just as awesome to visit in the summer? I did not. And when we went there for our firstContinue reading “Top 3 Spots Near Blue Mountain! Summer 2020”

Muskoka 2019

Advertisements Muskoka was rated the #1 Destination of summer trips in 2011 by the National Geographic. Now that’s a big statement! Although, this time around we went during the early winter season around the beginning of November. The result, it was still a beautiful site to see, basically all year-round. Muskoka is known as theContinue reading “Muskoka 2019”

Day TWO! Our Last Epic Day in Cancun

Advertisements Our last day in Cancun was by far the most epic, as we woke up super early around 5am and headed to start our journey! Our destination was… We met with the tour guides and buses at this hotel close to our Airbnb. It would take us three hours to get to our destinationContinue reading “Day TWO! Our Last Epic Day in Cancun”

First Time and First Day in Cancun, Mexico!

Advertisements For our first time visiting Cancun, Mexico, we did not know what to expect. We had heard about Cancun as one of the top destination for its beaches and nightlife in the Caribbean. Also, we knew it was famous for parties during spring break especially amongst students. However, that was only one side ofContinue reading “First Time and First Day in Cancun, Mexico!”

Mexico City: Day 4 – Visiting a Church, CRAFT Market, eating Mexican Street food and MORE!

Advertisements We first started our day by taking the Metro (Subway) to Coyoacán. Coyoacán is a district of Mexico City and the name means, “place of coyotes”. It consists of cobblestone streets and plazas. It is also a popular place to visit on the weekends. Since we didn’t have breakfast, to our luck right outsideContinue reading “Mexico City: Day 4 – Visiting a Church, CRAFT Market, eating Mexican Street food and MORE!”

Our Segundo Day in Mexico City

Advertisements We were back at it again. This time our day would involve more walking and climbing but we didn’t know by how much. Why walking and climbing, you ask? We were headed to the Sun and Moon pyramid that’s why! How to get there: To get to the pyramids, you can take an UberContinue reading “Our Segundo Day in Mexico City”

First Day in Mexico City

Advertisements Our first day in Mexico City was really unexpected as we didn’t know how it would be! Read on and watch our vlogs to see how it went! We had an over night flight and literally slept for 30 minutes on the plane. When we got to our airbnb, we were super tired soContinue reading “First Day in Mexico City”

Niagara Falls: Canadian Side – Trip with Family

Advertisements Before we start to talk about this trip, I must first say… Go Raptors, Go! They became the champions of NBA 2019. Seems unreal. We will make a video or two regarding the aftermath of the Toronto victory as not only Torontonians went wild but also all of Canada, 37 million people, and fansContinue reading “Niagara Falls: Canadian Side – Trip with Family”