Canada Day BBQ at Scarborough Bluffs 2019

Location: Scarborough Bluffs Park

July 1st , 1867, was the date when the British North American Act (aka the Constitution Act) created Canada.1 This legislation created a new self-governing Canada, that was made of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec. 2 For this reason, every July 1st marks the official Canada Day holiday. It has now been 152 years starting 2019, since the new Canada was created :o.

Now that you got a brief lesson about Canada Day, let’s share our day.

We decided to do a BBQ to celebrate this holiday and decided to go to Scarborough Bluffs Park! Bluffs park and beach are an awesome place to go with friends and family. It’s a must see. The water surrounding the beach is a greenish blue colour. The park itself has many trees and picnic tables too. You can even drive to the cliff side of Scarborough Bluffs and there you will have a great aerial view of the park and beach. Although, the best view of Scarborough Bluffs was when we had an airplane tour around Toronto. That was a life-experience. Make sure you guys try that out, there are some good deals on

In terms of barbecuing there, there are some public BBQs at the site but they are limited. It is best to bring your own. Lots of people barbecue at the park, then head over to the beach. For holiday’s, it is super busy and it can be tough to find parking. We got there evening time and had to circle around the parking lots for 30 minutes till people left. The good thing is there are two parking lots near the park and one near the beach.

For food, we had marinated chicken legs with tandoori masala which was marinated overnight. As well, we had frozen jalapeño beef burgers, hot dogs, fresh corn, tandoori naan and more! This was our first-time barbecuing with a group of friends and we had a blast. The food turned out to be very delicious, we smoked a bit of shisha there and watched the fireworks at night at the beach.

Jalapeño pepper beef patties
Grilled tomatoes and melted cheese on beef patties
Cheesy burger

Check out our vlog below, thanks!

That’s everything! Hope you enjoyed and as always remember to like, share and comment.




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