Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen in Mississauga!

Location: 2275 Britannia Rd W Units 1, Mississauga, ON L5M 2G6

Halal: YES!

This was my first time ever dining at an Egyptian restaurant which serves authentic North African cuisine! Crazy to believe, yet true. And no, going to a shawarma shop doesn’t count :p. Although, they are delicious, there is much more to North African cuisine. Like the traditional Fūl dish, which is a fava bean stew, a staple in Egypt and Sudan.

The best place to try Fūl is at Maha’s. I posted a blog a few weeks ago on that restaurant. So be sure to check it out, your taste buds will be blown away. That was the second time I went to an Egyptian restaurant, in case you were wondering. I just uploaded Maha’s blog before this one.

Moving on, here’s a link of Masrawy’s menu. . They serve breakfast too, during weekdays until 1pm and weekends until 2pm.

For starters, definitely get the Hummus and Baba Ghanoush. These are accompanied with pita bread and these crispy crackers. You guys will love it! They also have soups for those cold days.

Next up, for the mains we got: Masrawy Fusion, Hawaoshi, Egyptian Kofta and Chicken Tikka.

Masrawy Fusion is basically shawarma on rice and you get a choice of chicken or beef.

Egyptian Kofta was two skewers of ground beef and lamb, with onions, salad and tahini sauce.

Chicken Tikka is basically the Egyptian spin on the Indian Subcontinent dish. The fries are on point!

We’ll leave the best for last (aka the Hawaoshi) :p. This was my favourite dish, my mom got this one and it was filled with ground beef, served with vegetables and tahini sauce.

To sum it up, Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen is a great restaurant that you should try out. Especially, if you’re in Mississauga. I was really fond of the design of the restaurant and the plates we were served in, ranging from wood to steel. It added more to the dining experience. We didn’t get time to try out the desserts, especially the kanafeh and rice pudding :(. They also have Turkish coffee!

Check out Masrawy and let me know what you think.

That’s all! Remember to spread the love and like, share and comment! Thanks for your support.

We shall meet again. Stay tuned awesome people!

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