Google Pixel 3a

Hello awesome people! Hope all is well.

It has been a long time seen I wrote a blog post, but I do upload weekly vlogs on YouTube. So just in case, if you’re missing me, most likely you are not… 😦 Check out our YouTube channel!!

Now that I have done my part of advertising, let’s talk about the Google Pixel 3a.

The Google Pixel 3a is Google’s latest phone and the budget version of the Google Pixel 3. When you hear budget you think, damn this is probably some cheap looking phone, but that is not the case here! The Pixel 3a is a well designed phone, with a premium built quality, tons of cool software and an outstanding camera.

contents in box
Fingerprint scanner on the back, gray ring

The starting price is $549 without taxes, Canadian dollars, cuss we in Canada folks! And $649 CAD for the XL version.

Image stolen from:

Observing the stolen image from above, you can see the display sizes. The main differences between the regular version and the XL one is that Pixel 3a XL is larger and hence has a bigger battery. Although, it turns out that the regular sized Pixel 3a last longer in terms of battery life haha. Best bet, just stick with the regular size and save $100 too.

Break time!

Image stolen from:

Haahha! Have you guys seen Google’s ads on promoting the Pixel 3a. It’s actually pretty funny because the shot on the left is supposed to be a picture taken from an iPhone and the right is taken for the Pixel 3a. Although, it is a little exaggerated, funny stuff Google. And it’s not wrong. The picture quality on the Pixel 3a is on par with the iPhone XR if not better.

Back to action!

They say pictures speak louder than words, so here I will show you some pictures that I took using the Pixel 3a.

That’s me!

Pretty awesome image quality if you ask me and for a “budget” phone too.

Remember I said pictures speak louder than words, how about videos :p. Check out my unboxing video below. A lot better than me just typing away.

In conclusion, Why you should get the Google Pixel 3a? If you don’t like an over expensive iPhone, want a fingerprint scanner and headphone jack, want the latest Android updates first, want a well priced phone, want unlimited storage for your pictures in full quality, would love to stand out of the crowd and more.

Hope you guys enjoyed and found this useful. If you see Larry Page or Sergey Brin tell them they need to hire me for their marketing/sales team. lol Jokes!

Before I end this blog, I have to tell you an inspiring story about my YouTube videos. So I made an unboxing video about the Pixel 3a and to my surprise one of my fans after watching the video ended up buying the Pixel 3a. He told me that I inspired him to buy it. Haha, I was shocked and it makes you realize the power of being a content creator. No matter how small of an audience you have, your word can still get out there. So just remember that anything is possible, don’t give up on your dreams and work hard and enjoy life too.

Yeeee. Peace!

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