First Day in Mexico City

Our first day in Mexico City was really unexpected as we didn’t know how it would be! Read on and watch our vlogs to see how it went!

We had an over night flight and literally slept for 30 minutes on the plane. When we got to our airbnb, we were super tired so decided to take a nap just to get refreshed. The airbnb itself was located in downtown Mexico City and it was a great stay.

Above is just a quick tour of the Airbnb we stayed at. The total for 7 nights was $458.91 Canadian dollars, taxes and fees included. Around $65.5 CAD per night :o. The building had 24/7 security, and was a very safe area and brand new condo. You guys will love the stay here. It was located near a 24/7 pharmacy, corner stores, minutes walk to metro (subway) station, and near the Angel of independence, shopping mall and more.

You can book the place here using this link!

Moving on, we first headed to the mall that was nearby to get ourselves a sim card and some cellular data. This was great to use for google maps and helped us get around with ease and also order Uber. We got it from Telcel, which is a popular telecommunications company in Mexico but you can get one from anywhere.

Downtown Mexico City

Our first site to see was the Angel of Independence (aka  El Ángel) and it was beautiful. This monument is the symbol of the independence of Mexico from Spanish rule. The angel fell down during the 1957 earthquake in Mexico City but was later restored. You can even enter the monument and go to the top but it is only open Saturday to Sunday from 10am to 1pm. According to Wikipedia that is :p. Getting to the place, we had some trouble because the monument was located in the middle of a roundabout and the only way to get there was to jaywalk. We couldn’t see any traffic lights nearby. Pretty crazy but fun!

Angel of Independence

Next up, we went to an all vegetarian restaurant and we were starving. The reason why we chose a vegetarian restaurant was because out of the three of us, two of us could only eat Halal food. Since in Mexico City, most of the Halal food offered is more Middle Eastern cuisine and not really Mexican, we decided to go somewhere more Mexican based. Hence, we headed to this restaurant.

This restaurant is called Yug Vegetariano. It is located near the Angel of Independence and great for vegetarians and really anyone who wants food that is not only healthy but tasty as well.

Vegetarian drink
Street vendor selling snacks

After having that tasty meal, we headed to Zócalo. This is the main square in the centre of the city and there are free concerts held here so make sure to check that out. Right across the street, is the National Palace as well as the historical Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. The National Palace is where the President of Mexico’s office is. As for the cathedral, we weren’t able to go inside but even from the outside you will fall in love with the level of detail and its beautiful architecture.

Metropolitan Cathedral
The breath-taking Palace of Fine Arts

Moving on we walked through the famous street, Madero Street. This is a pedestrian street and no cars are allowed. Walking through, you are surrounded by many stores and cafes and it leads to the awesome Torre Latino (aka the Latin-American Tower). You guys have to go all the way to the top and will be blown-away with the stunning views. It is great to go during the evening time especially during sunset. The price is ridiculously cheap compared to other skyscrapers around the world. Around 70 Mexican Pesos, $5 Canadian :o.

View from the top floor of Torre Latino
Check out our YouTube video!

Hope you guys enjoyed! Remember to like, share, and comment. And MOST importantly help us grow and continue doing what we do by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Thanks 😀

Take care and enjoy life!

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