Our Segundo Day in Mexico City

We were back at it again. This time our day would involve more walking and climbing but we didn’t know by how much.

Why walking and climbing, you ask? We were headed to the Sun and Moon pyramid that’s why!

Pyramid of the Sun

How to get there:

To get to the pyramids, you can take an Uber but we decided to save some money and took the metro and then a bus that goes straight there. If you are staying in Mexico City, take the metro to Terminal Central de Autobuses del Norte. Once you get to that station, exit out and head to the bus terminal. At the bus terminal there will be multiple booths, look for the sign with pyramids. It should be near gate 8 at the end of the building and should read “Autobuses Teotihuacan”. It is about an hour bus ride and make sure to get a return ticket too. They’re pretty cheap. We got tickets for 350 Mexican Pesos so about $24 Canadian for the three of us. $8 Canadian per person. The bus was clean and comfy, so the price is well worth it.

Moving on, when you get to the pyramids, the entrance fee is $5 Canadian per person or 75 Mexican Pesos. There are lots of stalls and merchants around so if you want to get a nice souvenir, go for it! Remember to bargain for them, or you can always give more to support them. You will hear the merchants blowing on these handmade effigies and they make the sounds of jaguars. Scary, but cool! The kids would love this.

The first pyramid is the Pyramid of the Sun and it is the largest of the two and more preserved. It is actually the third largest pyramid in the world! There are many steps to climb to go to the top so make sure to bring water with you and take your time. The view at the top is truly breath-taking and you won’t be disappointed.

At the top of the Sun Pyramid you can see the Moon Pyramid straight across

The Pyramid of the Moon is identical but smaller and you can’t climb all the way to the top as it is blocked off. There is a mural painting of a cougar between the two pyramids and a palace that you can go inside.

Mural Painting of Cougar

After all that exploring, you’ll probably be hungry and thirsty. Which is why I would recommend you go to this CAVE Restaurant! That’s right an actual cave where inside is a place to eat. It was the first time I have ever seen this and it was epic. The closest to a cave building I have been in was when I was in Cappadocia, Turkey. We stayed in a cave hotel and was a next level experience. Those were the days when I didn’t vlog or write blogs. Sorry I couldn’t share those experiences with you, but in the future I do plan on going back again :D.

Let’s get back to talking about this cave restaurant. The restaurant is called La Caverna. It is a 3 minute drive from the pyramids, so you can get a taxi and it won’t cost much. You can also walk there, but according to Google Maps the roads are restricted and private, so just asks the locals for directions.

In terms of the food and beverages, be sure to get the rice water drink called Horchata! It really refreshing, sprinkled with cinnamon, just makes it perfect for those hot summer days. For the starters, we were given fresh baked beard and I got mushroom soup. Next up, we got fish and chips with salad. Whereas, Alejandro got pork tacos. The food was great and the total was 800 Mexican Pesos, that is $54 Canadian.

Mushroom Soup
Fish and Chips

Check out our vlog for a more visual experience!

That’s all for our second day in Mexico City. Hope you guys enjoyed. Stay tuned for more videos on our trip to Mexico City. Let us know in the comment section how your stay in Mexico City was.


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